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Dr. Malik Zaben

Chief Executive Officer - IMET2000

Dr Malik Zaben qualified with high marks in the Tawjehi Exam (GCSE equivalent) from Anabta Secondary School- Tulkarm. He then joined the First School of Medicine in Palestine at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem where he received his Medical Degree (MD) in 2002. Until 2004, he worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Anatomy before he left to the United Kingdom for his PhD study. His principal research interests developed in the field of neural stem cells, adult neurogenesis and repair. He completed his PhD programme in neuropeptide-modulation of hippocampal neurogenesis, at the University of Southampton, UK, in 2007, and conducted original research in defining control mechanisms involved hippocampal neurogenesis. From 2007 on and as part of his postdoctoral research, he developed a new adult human brain ex-vivo 3D organotypic culture system. Using this model, he has demonstrated a role of the microenvironment in reduced hippocampal neurogenesis in patients with chronic temporal lobe epilepsy. He won the prize for the best paper presentation at the annual joint meeting of the British and European Neurosurgical Research Group Meeting twice in a row for the years 2008 and 2009, at Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle and Kings College Hospital, London respectively. He then won the first prize in life sciences for the year 2010 for the Medical, Health and Life Sciences School, University of Southampton.

In addition, Dr Zaben passed the UK General Medical Council exams and was appointed as a Clinical and Research Fellow of Neurosurgery at Wessex Neurological Centre at Southampton Hospital in August, 2009. He gained Membership of Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2011. In April, 2012, he was granted a prestigious Epilepsy Research(UK) Clinical Training and Research Fellowship and has now joined the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Cardiff and the Neurosurgery Department at Heath Hospital in Wales. 

All through these years, Dr Zaben has devoted virtually all his free time to his country of origin, Palestine. Since 2007, he joined the International Medical Education Trust (IMET2000) initially as a member. He then worked with the then CEO Professor Green to gain funding for the establishment of the first “Continuing Health Sciences Education Centre” in Palestine.  Dr Zaben as a Project Coordinator alongside Dr Al-Hajjeh (IMET2000 Representative in Palestine) and many other Palestinian colleagues launched the work of this Centre in 2008 and this has been seriously active ever since . In 2009, Dr Zaben was appointed as the Director of the Health Sciences Education Centre with its own website badged as IMET2000-Pal. He then chaired the first “Palestine Health Education Group” which now is taking the lead to develop the IMET2000-Pal programme of continuing health education in Palestine.  Since September, 2012, Dr Zaben has been in overall charge of IMET2000 as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with  virtually full focus on continuing health education in Palestine.



Mr. Fadi Zaben 

IMET2000-Pal Representative and Consultant

Mr. Fadi Zaben completed his secondary education from Anabta Secondary School. He then joined Bethlehem University where he qualified for his Bachelor in Nursing. Along with that, he completed a diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing. He was then granted a Master Degree in Pediatric Nursing from Al-Quds University. Mr. Zaben is a registered nurse at the Palestinian Nursing Association and is licensed to practice in Palestine. He has more than 6 years of experience in hospital nursing care as Senior Staff Nurse, and 3 years in Academic Nursing. While he is currently a Staff Nurse in Augusta Victoria Hospital, he is an academic clinical instructor for Hebron and Al-Quds Universities’ nursing students. He has just joined the Nursing Department at IMET2000-Pal as a Nursing Teaching Officer with a job prospective to build a successful clinical and academic nursing, education and research program in Palestine.

  • Chief Executive Officer - IMET2000: Dr. Malik Zaben
  • IMET2000-Pal Representative and Consultant: Mr. Fadi Zaben  
  • Administrative  Assistant: Ms. Alia Mohammad Taradeh

Medical Education Department:

  • Medical Education Officer : Dr. Mohammad Obeidallah

 Nursing Education Department: