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IMET2000-Pal Travel Bursary Award


IMET2000-Pal awards travel grants for health sciences graduate and professionals who are attending or presenting research at academic or professional conferences.


Range of Support
Awards are contingent upon the availability of funds and the number of applications received. The evaluation committee will award up to a maximum of $1,000 per  applicant, even though the cost of attending the conference may exceed that amount. Health professionals are highly encouraged to apply according to their financial need. 
IMET2000-Pal Travel Grant is not a guaranteed source of funding. Applicants can apply only after 2 years from the date of their last successful grant application. In recognition of the outstanding talent of many Palestinian healthcare professionals, IMET2000 offers funding designed to encourage high quality clinical research in Palestine and attract as well as reward the best candidates in the field. We encourage you to submit the required application materials by the earliest eligible travel grant deadline.



How to Apply ?

Fill in the application form here and send it back to our office in Ramallah.