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IMET2000-Pal Representative and Consultant: Dr. Anis Al Hajjeh


Dr. AL-Hajjeh is Currently the Chairman of Banking and Finance Dept. at Birzeit University. He has extensive experience in the banking and finance industry, particularly in the Middle East and the United State. He joined the offshore Banking Unit at the Arab Bank in Bahrain in 1985 as Head of Credit Administration, then he joined Arab Bank New York in 1990, and the Arab Bank Regional Management in Ramallah in 1994 following the re-opening of it’s branches with the establishment of Palestine National Authority. Dr.AL-Hajjeh was seconded from the Arab Bank to Palestine Monetary Authority as an advisor to help in the formation of the Monetary Authority. He held senior banking positions as General Manager of Palestine Investment Bank, Regional Manager of the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, General Manager and Board Member at the Commercial Bank of Palestine, and Consultant for Bank of Palestine. He was awarded a bachelor degree in business administration from Birzeit University, and hold a master and doctorate degree in business administration from the United State, and hold college teaching credentials in management, banking and finance from the State of California. Dr.AL-Hajjeh taught at New York University and Fairleigh Dickinson University in the United States, served as an advisor and committee member for the master thesis at a number of universities, served as a member of the Board of Directors for many companies, participated in many international conferences and has a number of publications. He is an accredited arbitrator in banking and finance.